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We have launched "Spirit of Galilee"!!!

Dr. Naomie Shlomit Poran

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We have launched "Spirit of Galilee"!!!

We are so excited!!  We are so ready to share our products and experience with the world!  Our small company is situated just south of the Sea of Galilee, we grow our own herbs from samples that we have gently collected in the wilderness of the Galilee region.  We extract the essence of the plants in the morning sun and infuse it in our natural remedies and hypoallergenic cosmetic products.   We are excited to hear from you and to serve you!  With your order you will receive a bonus sample present of one of our other wonderful products.  Enjoy!

The Sea of Galilee in Israel is a special sacred place, a place of true healing since Biblical times. The plants that grow in the region imbue this energy and Bacopa monnieri for example, a reveared medicinal plant (also called "Brahmi" and "Herb of Grace") is one of the centerpieces of the "Spirit of Galilee" products.
We do not harvest from the wild.  We grow Bacopa and most of our medicinal plants in pots and Dr. Poran lovingly extracts their essence in the
brightness of Galilee's gentle morning sun. Our mission is to make people feel and look good. We hope you will be happy with our products. 

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