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Galilee Sleep Remedy


Galilee Sleep Remedy

Sleep deprivation is often caused by the shortening of the deep sleep stage during the natural sleep cycle.  This stage, also called the 4th stage or Theta brain wave stage, has been shown to be henhanced by the sleep promoting action of Bacopa and the "Apple of Abraham" vitex bush extracts.  We added Galilee Salvia to promote sweet dreams...

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The Sea of Galilee in Israel is a special sacred place, a place of true healing since Biblical times. The plants that grow in the region imbue this energy and Bacopa monnieri for example, a reveared medicinal plant (also called "Brahmi" and "Herb of Grace") is one of the centerpieces of the "Spirit of Galilee" products.
We do not harvest from the wild.  We grow Bacopa and most of our medicinal plants in pots and Dr. Poran lovingly extracts their essence in the
brightness of Galilee's gentle morning sun. Our mission is to make people feel and look good. We hope you will be happy with our products. 

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